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We are a team in more ways than one.  A team at San Allote and a team at home as husband and wife; raising our children, Yiorgos and Alexandra.  You may very well meet Yiorgos and Alexandra on your visits as they often help out in the taverna.  Yiorgos is a great help to his father in the kitchen and Alexandra loves meeting and chatting with our guests as well as serving up drinks and food.  

What you will notice about our "team" is that we smile a lot - in the taverna and at home!  So smile back, sit back and ENJOY!

Nikos​  - CHEF and OWNER


I come from a small village in Rhodos, Paradisi and I started out on my career when I was a small boy.  My dream has now come true, being able to create my own dishes in my own taverna and to enable visitors to taste genuine Greek food produced by a genuine Greek!  I have worked as a chef in hotels, tavernas, and indeed teach young up and coming chefs; passing on my passion for our unique Greek dishes.


Dimitra - HOSTESS and OWNER


I also come from a small village in Rhodos, Kremasti and I have always loved working with locals and visitors alike - helping my father with his shoe business and as receptionist at local hotels.  My passion is people and I love communicating in many languages - and of course if you would like to try your Greek I will be delighted.  Your satisfaction is my aim and I will happily draw up a chair and explain the wide, varied and mouthwatering dishes on our menu.


And how would we manage without the rest of the team!

Our amazing children, Yiorgos and Alexandra are always ready to help us.

Yiorgos in the kitchen where he is Nikos' strong helping hand, keeping Nikos smiling as your orders pour in.

Alexandra skipping round the tables; drinks waitress extraordinary, putting a smile on everyones faces!

Team San Allote = FAMILY - that's what we are all about.

So come join our family for a night out amongst good company; and savour the true taste and atmosphere of Greece - and now you can put names to faces!

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