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We LOVE our beautiful (orea) island and are passionate about it's attractions.  Over the years we have visited most of the hidden corners on Rhodes and if you are keen to see more of the island we can point you in the direction of many well known attractions but also some of the more hidden ones shhhh!
From the best sunrise and sunset spots to hidden gorges, beaches too numerous to mention, Crusader castles, churches and monasteries, pinewood walks, abandoned Italian buildings, ancient ruins, tunnels to freshwater springs - the list is as endless as your thirst to discover - and with almost guaranteed sunshine you won't have to check the weather forecast before you go!
Just ask - and, if Dimitra has a moment, between Nikos' 'yummy food ready' bell,  she can share with you some of these treasures and give you directions - see, north, east, south, west, San Allote really is the Best!!
You really will not have enough time during one visit to this beautiful island to do it justice and on future visits watch out for the latest addition to San Allote's attractions - it's very own self catering villa in a secluded, peaceful setting below the foothills of the famous 'Butterflies' valley - keep checking our website!

San Allote Taverna

Ierou Lochou 29



Tel: 0030 2241 090227

Open every day 16.30 to 23.30

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