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Greek Taverna


We named our Taverna "San Allote"  which is Greek for nostalgia.


Our aim is to create a feeling of the romantic past - when food was so pure and so were the people.


So just relax in our cosy surroundings and let all your cares and worries melt away.


Nikos is the talent behind all the amazing aromas coming from our kitchen.  He is constantly adapting our menus and looking for new and exciting additions to our menu.   A very popular way of eating "Greek" is mezedes - a way to sample a number of dishes. And remember we Greeks do not use small measures!  Either in our cooking or our hospitality!  

Dimitra is the face of San Allote - she will welcome you with a beaming friendly smile and will meet your every wish - balancing time with you to select your dishes, never rushing you; with always an ear open for Nikos' bell; announcing another mouthwatering delicacy is ready for the table. 

Satisfaction is the third member of our team.  No, not a person; but we want every one of our guests to leave satisfied with everything about San Allote - surroundings, music, sparkling cleanliness and unique flavours to amaze your taste buds.  That is our aim - if our guests are happy we are ecstatic!

Greek hospitality is renowned the world over and we pride ourselves in welcoming you into our Taverna as if it was our home and your home.  We have so many guests who have been tempted in on their first night, returned, every night of their holidays, returned often a number of times a year, every year.  Yes we want guests in our taverna but our wish is that they leave as friends.

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